The FRP tie anchor for sandwich walls and element walls

What is the ThermoPin®?



Technical specifications

What is the ThermoPin®?

The ThermoPin® is an often used tie anchor for sandwich- and element walls and is made of glass fibre-reinforced plastic (FRP). The FRP-bar conducts heat marginally and is used instead of conventional tie anchors for connecting facing and bearing shell of core insulated precast concrete elements.

The ThermoPin® pierces the insulation without being a thermal conductor. In consequence heat loss through tie anchors through the insulation is excluded.


The installation is easy. After concreting the first shell the ThermoPin® is plugged as deep as possible through the insulation into the fresh concrete until the spacer is in full contact with the insulation. The spacer ensures optimal embedment and also serves as a moisture barrier. In the case of a sandwich wall the next layer is concreted on top of the insulation. In the case of an element wall the hardened first shell is turned 180° and placed in the fresh concrete of the second shell. With its conical ends the ThermoPin® has a particularly high pullout resistance.