Shuttering Magnets

Magnetic technology for concrete shuttering in precast parts

In our magnet program, we have the solution to attachment problems of concrete shuttering for your company. The unique MagFly®-technology marks the significant progress in the use of magnet technology.

On the basis of the MagFly®-magnets, we offer a high power, reusable, unique, and future-proof magnetic system that is compatible with numerous concrete shuttering.

Additionally, we offer you a multi-specialized magnet solution for the attachment of shuttering, in particular U-profiles, threaded sleeves, ball head anchors, electrical boxes, and a lot more shuttering accessories. Our shuttering magnets hold, we promise!

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Shuttering magnet MagFly® – the light weight of magnet technology

Use the magnet with the best holding power-weight ratio in its class.

Shuttering magnets with high holding power do not necessarily need to be heavy. Did you know that? For the use of various shuttering systems, magnets are normally used in concrete works. These serve to hold the shuttering elements in the acting forces in the exact position during the production. Here, since high adhesive forces are necessary depending on the application, the shuttering magnets have been very heavy and bulky. This is and was very wearing and not good for the motivation or health for the workers. The magnets were not used often, whose weight exceeds 15 kg. However, not only the health but also the effectiveness remain on track. The shuttering magnets can be transported from one location to the next, often only one or two magnets will be carried at the same time.

Efficient shuttering building through free-moving magnet system

With an aluminum casing, high-performance magnetic materials and an integrated adapter for the shuttering system, MultiForm and FlyFrame® from BT Innovation is the new magnet system equally a powerhouse as well as lightweight. With a holding power of 22,000 N and a weight of only 5.4kg it offers the best holding power-weight-ratio in its class – not only in Germany but worldwide. Due to the ergonomic implementation of the eccentric lever and the little weight, workers are able to carry four shuttering magnets at the same time without a problem. To loosen the magnets, only a strength of about 10-15kg is necessary. This is only possible through the special design and attached to the magnet popup.


Of course, the youngest generation of magnetic BT has innovation via the easy and proven MagFly® technology for easy positioning and alignment of formwork and magnets. The magnet can be very used easily with the patented foot/spring system and the accurate positioning and fixed alignment will be foolproof.

MagFly®AP in connection with multiform and/or FlyFrame® – an unbeatable team

BT Innovation developed shuttering MultiForm and FlyFrame® both have suitable magnetic recording, so that the MagFly®AP can easily be clipped from behind in to the shuttering beam. The shuttering can be positioned and aligned exactly by the shuttering magnet, before finally fixed by depressing the magnets. Because the magnetic recording for both shuttering systems are identical, firms have the possibility, depending on the application, to use either MultiForm and/or FlyFrame® in production without upgrading.

The advantages from Magfly®AP at a glance

  • Very ergonomic implementation – a low weight and the unique lever makes the carrying and handling easy
  • Extremely light and still an enormously strong magnet system
  • The new MagFly®AP has integrated MagFly® technology for precise positioning
  • Precise fixation of the magnet through light handclasp
  • The permanently mounted popup lever makes additional tool for loosening redundant
  • Compact design with integrated adapter for MultiForm and FlyFrame®

The first magnet with MagFly®-technology

The Magfly®- universal magnet is a true classic. First of all, the patented magnetic clamp MagFly®- will be functionally equipped, which it ultimately not only gets its name, but also to thank for its success. MagFly® universal magnet have multifaceted applications. For monitoring various adapters and accessories by default there are two threaded holes, M16 x 1.5, available. Alternative threaded holes and sizes are possible when requested. But the different adhesive forces, sizes and designs ensure that in each case the appropriate permanent magnet is available for various applications.

Each MagFly® – Universal magnet is equipped with a magnet fixedly mounted on the cam lever. MagFly® – Universal magnets can be used up to 80 ° Celsius at ambient temperatures. On request special heat-resistant designs are possible, for example, for temperatures up to 120 ° Celsius (type H) or 150 ° Celsius (SH). High-quality materials and compound rigid design ensure an extremely long service life.

The advantages of the MagFly® universal magnet at a glance

  1. The integrated MagFly® technology assures easy handling and exact positioning.
  2. Loosening is possible without other tools
  3. Timesaving popup lever
  4. Multifunctional thanks to the large range of shuttering accessories and shuttering technology and adapters
  5. Accurate positioning of the magnet by gently pressing your hands
  6. Scalability for many applications
  7. Depending on the requirement, various sizes and adhesive forces available
  8. Quality materials and the connection stiffer versions guarantee high service life of the systems

Basics of permanent magnets

Definition of magnet:

A magnet is a body that attracts or repels other certain body magnets. The magnetic attraction or repulsion is a basic natural phenomenon.

It may well be familiar to anyone that a bar magnet has two, designated in accordance with the world, usually as South and North Poles ends, also called pole. When two magnets with opposite poles, then the north and south poles attract, while the similar poles repels, without the need to carry the energy. This is how a compass needle functions: It is small, very light, movably mounted magnets, which usually align themselves in the magnetic field of the earth and provide information about the surrounding magnetic field due to their orientation.

Where are magnets being used? – Examples from everyday life to technology

Magnets penetrate everyday life and technology comparably, it does not matter if it is permanent magnets or huge electromagnets. They will be used in experiments, medicine, and even used in the material inspection.

Think about the magnet, most people invade a permanent magnet, whether they are bar magnets, in the shape of a horse shoe, or in a small cylinder will be used. If something without gluing or drilling is to adhere, magnets and the corresponding iron materials are needed.

Valuable metals will be sorted from the garbage with help from permanent or electromagnets. The same principle function is used with lifting magnets for scrap metal and old vehicles. Electromagnets and generators for electric energy requires magnets for their function (keyword: induction)

Permanent magnets in the precast parts industry

Also in the industrialization production of precast parts made of concrete shuttering magnets increasingly come to use.

Nowadays most precast concrete products are manufactured in or on steel formwork, the use of permanent magnets to fix formwork has established itself and is now essential.

The formwork as well as the corresponding sub-designs require a high and secure stability so that the burden of the fresh concrete pressure and resulting from the compression of the fixtures forces can be worn both horizontally and vertically. As to steel surfaces produced, the connection can be realized between the formwork element and the substructures with magnets. With help from modern shuttering magnets and the appropriate additional products nowadays very large forces in the concrete formwork can be transferred.

BT Innovation can offer your company a comprehensive portfolio for the different intended purposes of magnets as well as convenient service.