Innovative, economical and easy-to-use sealing strip manufactured on polymer-bitumen basis.

What is SynkoElast®?


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What is SynkoElast®?

SynkoElast® is an innovative, economical and easy-to-use sealing strip manufactured on polymer-bitumen basis. Its application range includes e.g. expansion joints and dummy joints in structures made of watertight in-situ concrete.

Why use SynkoElast®?

When being hydrated, SynkoElast® agglutinates with the faying concrete surface and creates a reliable and safe joint. Humidity does not cause any swelling in this seal. Therefore there is no minimum concrete covering required for SynkoElast®.
Unlike other systems, there is no risk of seepage through valley flanks in this real bond.

Easy and simple work saves time and money. SynkoElast® is simply pushed to a half of its thickness into fresh concrete immediately after pouring.
So you achieve high performance at minimum amount of time and labor. Sealing of working joints is very important in watertight structures, or „white basins“ as they are called in Germany. Around 70% German watertight structures are built as „white basins“.

Nowadays there are many diverse systems and solutions to seal working joints between different concrete components, e.g. sheet strips of different types, joint fillers, hydrophilic gaskets, gunning and injection. However, many of them have require additional time and costs. Placing a gasket usually need fastening as a separate working step. Attaching sheet-metal strips or joint fillers needs welding or vulcanizing them at butt points. If you use hydrophilic gaskets, there is always a risk of premature swelling before concrete pouring because of possible humidity. In tidal zones, there is also a risk of leaks after placement of such seals, too, because of diminishing of swelling effect. Only gunnable materials are almost unproblematic, however, too expensive.

SynkoElast® can be considered as a perfect solution. Simple and easy handling and good physical properties of SynkoElast® allow working joints and dummy joints to be perfectly sealed. SynkoElast® has been proved in the practice worldwide since 40 years.


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