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What is RubberElast®?


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What is RubberElast®?

RubberElast® sealing strip is worldwide successfully used in pre-cast component joints. On sites it is simply glued by pressing to the faying surface of a concrete component, and the joint of the concrete components becomes waterproof.

Why to use RubberElast®?

RubberElast® features an extremely high impermeability to water and gases, as well as an excellent resistance against atmospheric influence and mechanical wear.
RubberElast® even remains elastic at low temperatures. This sealing strip features an excellent adhesion not only to concrete, but also this sealing strip to metals, glass and other materials.

Sealing of pre-cast concrete components:

Industrially manufactured pre-cast components are taking larger and larger market share, as working with concrete on site is getting more expensive, and the construction work progress can be significantly accelerated. However, it has been still expensive and complicated to seal joints of the components properly. All solutions had their sticking points. In shaft production, there were only pre-fabricated sealing rings, however only available for standardsize round shaft components. Another solution was a classic grouting, however there is an extremely high risk of tearing, even in the case of small joint
deformation. Hydrophilic gaskets require additional covering by a minimum layer of concrete. Bitumenbased outer sealing usually provides no sufficient resistance against the water under pressure.

RubberElast® is a material that can be easily and quickly applied with almost no dependence on the temperature. The material becomes watertight immediately after application, as it is firmly glued to the concrete components by pressing. The material remains tixotrop. Its resistance against aggressive media makes RubberElast® suitable for sewage. Its safety is guaranteed by the Test Certificate by the Materials Testing Institute in Braunschweig, Germany.