One-component polymermodified sealing material for construction joints.

What is InnoElast®?

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What is InnoElast®?
InnoElast® is a successful one-component polymermodified sealing material of the new generation. It is used for sealing construction joints, expansion joints, joints in industrial floors, sconcheons, bushing, roofing, etc.

Why to use InnoElast®?
InnoElast® is an extremely low-shrink, tixotrop and weather-resistant sealing material of an enormous adhesion capacity.
InnoElast® is environmental friendly and meets many environmental standards for sealing materials. It can be used both in interior and exterior area. On each construction site there is a demand on sealing materials for different joints and for sealing of pipe penetrations, window reveals, door jambs and roofing joints. There are diverse sealing materials available at the market, however, they either consist of 2 components or do not meet the requirements of the site. InnoElast® is the optimal solution for all your tasks. It excels in its versatility and wide application area, working properties and long lifecycle. Its application area is almost unlimited. InnoElast® glues concrete, steel, aluminum, tiles, clinker, marble, glass, wood, PVC, acrylic glass and suitable for works on windows, doors and roofs.