Sealing Technology

Seal on most surfaces even when moist and at low temperatures.
Proven in thousands of applications & approved.


Sealing strip on polymer-bitumen base for applications in construction and controlled-crack joints on structures made of waterproof in-situ concrete.


Innovative sealing strip for precast concrete joints. Very simple, onsite installation by pressing in the joint area. Seals the joint watertight through the contact pressure of concrete parts.


Sealant for construction joints, expansion joints, joints in industrial floors, roof area connections to windows and doors.


Universally applicable and water pressure-tight sealing system for various surfaces and substrates. Waterproofing under floor and wall coverings, roof waterproofing, etc.


For external strip seals of construction joints and controlled crack joints in waterproof concrete.

Multiple building seals

Simple and reliable implementation of multiple building seals Reliably watertight even in exceptional cases: hardness test for the flood barrier in Wittenberge The term building seal describes the sealing of a building against moisture. It includes all measures intended to […]

Sealing Technology for construction sites
Sealing Technology for concrete plants

Sealing of watertight concrete structures sets the highest requirements on materials and their processing. We offer products that will allow you to perform that kind of tasks reliably, both in cast-in-situ concrete and in precast structural concrete. Our products are manufactured of materials of the highest quality. They will help you to save time and money due to their easy and effective handling. Continuous manufacture supervision constantly guarantees high quality of materials. Easy use of products allows safe and time-saving assembly on site, as well. Take a look at our innovative products for sealing of watertight structures.