Cutting-edge modernisations for traditional precast plants

By its own account the Streibl company from Dorfen near Munich has a passion for working with the versatile building material concrete. The range of products of the precast plant and concrete testing station from Dorfen points to the extensive possibilities that concrete offers in general and in particular in the form of precast elements.

Precast plant Streibl is a traditional company.

Precast plant Streibl is a traditional company. With the innovative products of B.T. innovation Streibl was able to optimize it’s performance significantly

“Our strengths lie in the industry-relevant segments of public building, for instance in the construction of high-performance hall systems for commerce and agriculture, in residential construction with the manufacture of precast stair and façade elements and in garden and landscape construction. In the special precast element sector we concentrate, with sustained success, on the manufacture of delicate concrete elements such as concrete furniture and even works of art”, says Diplom-Bauingenieur (FH) Rudolf Streibl. He is the second-generation head of the family company, which has been active on the market for fifty years, and continues to develop it. Being innovative in an industry that often demands the tried-and-tested is a challenge in terms of building technology.

Tradition in building is a decisive success factor in the precast element production segment. The mentality “you buy what you know” is very pronounced on account of safety concerns alone. Streibl is also well aware that precast elements are no longer manufactured in the same way that they were at the time of the founding of the company fifty years ago, despite the consciousness of tradition.

With the triumph of precast element production, customer wishes have also multiplied. “Creative architectures, increasingly delicate shapes and, above all, increased batch sizes force us to continually modernise our own plants”, explains Streibl, who has concerned himself extensively with the modernisation of his plants in recent years.

Even he cannot fully escape the industry mentality of looking for the tried-and-tested. When it came to investing in innovative magnet and shuttering technology, he was convinced by the recommendation of one of his friends, a company owner.

Increase in efficiency and improvement in the quality of the result thanks to a recommendation in the field of magnet and shuttering technology

Das vorteilhafte Produkthandling und das geringe Gewicht von Magnet und Schalungsträger realisieren eine deutliche Arbeitserleichterung für die Mitarbeiter.

Das vorteilhafte Produkthandling und das geringe Gewicht von Magnet und Schalungsträger realisieren eine deutliche Arbeitserleichterung für die Mitarbeiter.

The foundation stone for a fundamental modernisation was laid while taking shop with a friend and precast element manufacturer. The friend recommended the innovative MagFly® AP shuttering magnets to Streibl and left him a sample to try out. The shuttering magnets come from Magdeburg. B.T. innovation sells its patented MagFly AP shuttering magnets successfully worldwide. The reason is perhaps also that B.T. innovation is aware of the modernisation pressure in the prefabrication industry and is very practically oriented in the testing of its products and develops them in accordance with needs. The high-performance magnet tested by Streibl is thus a further development of the worldwide proven MagFly universal magnet. The suffix “AP” of the further development stands for “Aluminium Power”, which can now also take full effect in the precast plant in Dorfen. With an adhesive force of 22,000 N and a mass of just 5.40 kg, including levers and adaptors, the magnet currently has the best adhesive force/mass ratio in its class worldwide. The shuttering magnet is thus explicitly tailored to the requirements of modern precast plants.

The magnet is light and therefore also particularly simple to handle. It is simple to position to align together with the shuttering and that makes the shuttering particularly precise. “The magnet’s property of making do without additional tools or accessories makes for an enormous increase in efficiency, since for example we only have to operate the eccentric lever. Time-consuming fixing is completely eliminated, since the magnet can easily be coupled to the shuttering carrier system by means of the integrated adaptor”, explains the experienced civil engineer.

By the way, compatible shuttering carrier systems can also be procured through B.T. innovation in Magdeburg. The FlyFrame® shuttering carrier system, for example, which is made of hardened and specially coated aluminium and supplements the properties of the magnets to the maximum, facilitates handling not only at the technical application level, but also in terms of ergonomics.

Modern precast plants with lightweight magnet & shuttering technology.

Modern precast plants with lightweight magnet & shuttering technology.

A trip given to him by his friend, a company owner, turned out to be lucrative for Rudolf Streibl. The product test convinced him straight away. After contacting B.T. innovation he received further information and options to tailor the products optimally to his works. In December 2013 he took the decision to buy and thus to further modernise his plants.

Streibl concludes: “It is important to stay at the cutting edge in order to continue to be able to produce efficiently and in a quality-oriented manner in the future. Orientation to the tried-and-tested is not necessarily
wrong – ultimately these processes can also be significantly optimised with innovative technologies. It is important to carefully coordinate the components and to plan with foresight. That way investments remain manageable and the increases in productivity quickly recoup the costs. If, on top of that, you also get a bonus, as in the case of the products from B.T. innovation, then you’ve certainly done everything right.”

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