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What is Syflex®?

With our flexible formwork system Syflex®, you can easily make straight lines, curves and corners. Syflex® is the optimum solution for base slab, edge and strip foundation formwork.

Increasing demands are made in terms of the shape of concrete. Formwork for curves always presents a problem in this respect.

Conventional formwork systems for this task are very labourintensive, costly and not very flexible. Bulky and heavy wooden planks demand time and have a detrimental effect on the work process, and special formwork is costly. The Syflex® formwork system means there is a solution available which is easy to handle, as it is only one third of the weight of comparable wooden formwork, and can be assembled without hoisting devices within a very short time. The system enables formation of straight lines, curves and corners with a minimum of effort and in addition can be reused many times over.

Syflex® gives you concrete in almost any shape you want. However, Syflex® is not just the best possible way of making formwork for foundations, the system also has a proven track record in road building and in garden and landscape architecture. The multiple application options make Syflex® a genuine allrounder on the formwork market.

Why to use Syflex®?

The formwork boards can be extended using connections, both in straight lines and in flexible shapes. System eccentrics then ensure quick fixation to pegs, planks or mounting brackets which have been driven in. This configuration is also used for the vertical connection of the formwork boards which stand one on top of the other.