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What is MultiForm?

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What is MultiForm

MultiForm is an innovative and universally usable shuttering support system for the production of solid walls, sandwich walls, landing slabs, balcony slabs and also buttresses, beams, sills and much more.

With MultiForm you can simplify your shuttering construction. The front of the shuttering support can be covered with a facing in wood, chipboard, plastic or steel. This is screwed into place from the back. In this way the formwork facing remains undamaged and indentations in the concrete produced by screw heads are a thing of the past. And with facing concrete, this means that time-consuming filling and sanding is no longer necessary.

Hence MultiForm takes on a number of tasks at the same time. With its bracing function, MultiForm makes sure that your shuttering stands perpendicular. With its stable sheet construction it protects the formwork against twisting and bending. And finally MultiForm has holding devices for magnetic systems. MagFly® universal magnets with corresponding adapters or MagFly® AP magnets are easily fitted into the shuttering supports. Now the shuttering together with the magnets can be precisely positioned and adjusted before it is finally fixed by pressing down on the magnets.

MultiForm type 1 is a formwork angle for short lengths of shuttering, e.g. in recesses. MultiForm type 2 is available as rails in different heights.

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