Easy shuttering due to light formwork

What is FlyFrame®

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What is FlyFrame®?

FlyFrame® is an ultra-light but nevertheless very stable shuttering support in hardened and specially coated aluminium. The formwork facing in wood or chipboard can be screwed on from behind so that the shuttering surface itself stays free of damage and screw heads. Large openings on the back of the FlyFrame® mean that it is possible to anchor even heavy installation elements from the back.

In order to meet the demand for low weight and the ease of handling associated with this, clamping magnets and shuttering supports are not permanently joined together or even screwed together. According to the proven principle, the magnets are simply fitted into the shuttering support from the back.

With the magnets, the shuttering can be precisely adjusted before it is then finally fixed by pressing down on the MagFly® AP magnets. Thus the system remains easy to handle, very flexible and extremely economic.