Low cost housing – affordable living space made of concrete

The low cost housing solution for crisis regions and poor sections of the population

The low cost house is the solution for quick developments and poor sections of the population that need quality housing. Government and aid agencies, which in crisis regions many refugees come forward or after a natural catastrophe and depend on quick first response help, can produce a quality accommodation with the low cost house.

The B.T. innovation developed a building concept of a solid concrete house and low cost housing, which is an affordable solution for the accommodation available to people in emergency. The creation of safe, stable, and cost effective living and emergency room can be accomplished quickly with the low cost house.

Low Cost House - the low cost housing concept


  • Solid concrete house
  • Cost: €5,000.00*
  • Set-up time: 2 hours
  • (nearly) location independent production
  • Industrial large scale production
  • Standardized technology
  • Short period of adjustment

Output spectrum

  • 36m² base area
  • 4 rooms including bathroom with shower and WC
  • Room for 4-8 people
  • Outlets / light switch
  • Water connection in bathroom and kitchen

Possible uses

  • Living space
  • Hospital / medical care
  • Kindergarten & School
  • Police & jail
  • Place of worship
  • Shopping center
  • And many more

Have you ever seen a house built in two hours? B.T. innovation GmbH has developed a low cost housing option for crisis regions. Watch as B.T. innovation takes on the challenge of building the low cost house made of concrete within two hours!

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Building material

The houses are basically built of concrete. Concrete is one of the most frequently used building materials in the world and can therefore be produced almost anywhere to a reasonable grade with raw materials that are available locally. It is easy to work with and can be formed into virtually any shape. Concrete has sufficiently good physical properties for building; it is very robust and therefore perfectly well-suited for constructing solid durable buildings.

Baustoff1Beton_Seite 5 Baustoff2BTransportvorrichtun-Seite 5


The standard design for the low cost housing concept measures 36m². Another viable size includes 48m².


According to the region and demand there are also two different types of roof envisaged. In the one design there is the classic gabled roof and in the other a flat roof version (standard).

Moreover, there are various possible designs for the flat roofed version. On the one hand there is a multi-floored design with an external staircase and on the other the duplex version.

Design2LCH_6000x6000_Flachdach_v5_EFH_004_Schatten Design3LCH_6000x6000_Satteldach_v5_EFH_004_Schatten

Design4LCH_6000x6000_Flachdach_v5_2G_005 Design5LCH_6000x6000_Flachdach_v5_3G_004_Schatten

Production process

The manufacture of the pre-cast concrete components is carried out using a special portable and space-saving battery mould. This technology makes it possible to produce building components in the direct vicinity of the building site in a mobile field factory. This type of production presents the following benefits as compared to the traditional approach:

  • The production is simple and easy to use.
  • The surfaces are smooth on both sides so that no further finishing is required.
  • A large amount can be produced in a relatively small area (one house per mould)
  • It provides flexibility in terms of the appropriate production site.

Prerequisites for implementing the actual construction of the houses are know-how and technical equipment. It is envisaged that the local workforce would be trained to handle the equipment under the professional guidance of B.T. innovation GmbH. They would be trained to produce the components and to erect eh prefabricated houses. In this way, jobs are created in the target area, local supply chains are strengthened, and the project is more likely to be accepted more readily at the local level.

Fertigungsverfahren1IMG_9440 Fertigungsverfahren2IMG_9527


Transport of low cost housing

Transport of the building components can be carried out using a shipping pallet modified by B.T. for instance. It is possible to transport all the components of the house on this pallet. The advantage of this technology is that the load of components can be carried directly on the alternating system of the load carrier. This means that costly transshipment and expensive standing times for trucks can be avoided.

Transport1WP_20150118_004 Low COst Housing Transport

Joining and connecting technique

In order to achieve the very short construction times in low cost housing of only 2 hours, so called “dry” joining techniques is used. For this, the BT-Spanschloss® (turnbuckle) developed by B.T. innovation GmbH is well suited. It allows the simple and precise connection of the individual pre-cast concrete components and makes it possible to construct the low cost house in just two hours! No tools are needed to connect the components. This saves a lot of time and money. After construction, the BT-Spannschloss® is immediately fully weight bearing and remains so for the long term. The BT-Spannschloss® has been certified as approved for general construction by the German Institute for Structural Engineering. (DiBt – Deutsches Institut für Bautechnik).

Low Cost Housing Joining Connecting technique of the Low Cost House Füge Joining the low cost house in 2 hours

Sealing technique

In order to stop water, dust, or insects from penetrating the house, the RubberElast® sealing tape used for “dry” joining is particularly suitable. It can be handled extremely quickly and is not dependent on temperature. The material is glued securely to the concrete components by apply contact pressure. At the same time, the material remains permanently elastic. As a safeguard, it has been approved by the Materials Testing Institute in Brunswick. (MPA Braunschweig)

InnoElast® is suitable for individually sealing concrete, construction joints and attaching windows, doors, passageways, and for joints on the roof.

InnoElast for sealing in low cost housing


The pre-cast components are design in such a way that an extremely high level of prefabrication is achieved. All the individual components are prepares so that a house can be occupied immediately after putting together the individual components and only a few finishing steps are necessary, for instance:

  • Walls, floors, and roof areas will be provided with complete surface finishing, inside and out. With the use of color pigments, additives, or special formulations, finishing work like plastering, painting, tiling, or decorating will be avoided.
  • The ground installation for electricity, water, and sewage systems are already included in the wall components. These just need to be connected to the relevant networks when assembling the house (if available).
  • Water and sewage tanks are considered in the building design for the target region’s usual supply routes.

In particular, alternative supply options should be considered, such as:

  • Roof rain water drainage can collected, be matched to appropriate tanks, and be used as drinking or service.
  • Solar panels mounted on the roof can collect solar energy and be used for electricity, heating and cooling purposes.

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